Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss couldn’t make Comic Con – so they made this brilliant video instead

As the trio plan how to apologise to fans about their absence, they provide some entertainment nearly as good as an actual Sherlock episode...

It would have been great if the Sherlock cast had gone to Comic Con, but we think this video message is an excellent trade off as Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss have a very deadpan chat about why they can’t go to the event in San Diego.


We get a thrilling bit of Sherlock as Andrew Scott does a chilling trademark Moriarty ‘Miss Me?’ at the end, a fragment from Hamlet as Cumberbatch proves he really is busy doing Shakespeare, and a bit of Mycroft’s practical cunning as Mark Gatiss turns up to meet Cumberbatch and plan their thespian excuses for not being at Comic Con.

One of the best moments is when Scott tells us he can’t be there because he’s in a “little film” called Spekter. Or at least that’s how it’s spelt on a piece of paper he holds up to the camera. Spekter 007 Script. No big deal at all. 


Watch the Sherlock video message below, and make sure you wait for the very end when Moriarty look straight into the camera, as sinister as ever.