David Tennant as you’ve never seen him before… playing an evil genie

The former Doctor Who actor puts on his best British accent to star in a new episode of Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates

He may have terrified the enemies of the universe during his tenure in the Tardis, but former Doctor Who star David Tennant is about to put the wind up children in this new Disney Junior animation.


As our exclusive clip shows, the actor plays a wicked genie called Dread in Jake and the Neverland Pirates airing later this month.

And he has eschewed his Scottish accent for an English one much like the other baddie in this show, Captain Hook, who also sounds like he’s from the Home Counties.

Premiering on Tuesday 14th July on Disney Junior, the episode Dread the Evil Genie! will see the hero Jake and his mates help Pip the Pirate Genie from being captured by Dread, a truly bad sort who drains genies of all their magical powers so that he can boost his own.

Whatever would the Doctor have to say about that?


Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Dread the Evil Genie! premieres on Tuesday July 14 at 6.15pm on Disney Junior