#SaveHannibal petition passes 50,000 signatures

The Fannibals are massing

“The world wants more Hannibal. Period.”


Fear the Fannibals. Angered by the cancellation of Hannibal, fans of the cannibal (and the showrunner) have been storming across social media, trying to find a new venue for the well spoken monster.

And, as you would expect, there’s a petition. Established just over a day ago, the ‘What are you thinking? Renew Hannibal‘ has already been signed by more than 50,000 people.

Set up by one Carlos Mazal, the open letter reads in full:


What are you thinking? Renew Hannibal, NBC. 

Carlos Mazal

At the time of writing more than 56,000 have put their names to the demand. Many others are flooding Netflix’s helpline with requests that the online broadcaster pick up the show.

Meanwhile showrunner Bryan Fuller has continued his one man social media blitz, retweeting messages of support like this…  


…and this.