I’m already dreading the end of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is always finding new ways to make us think about mortality - being only ten episodes long is just one of them

You know a show’s good when the excitement of what’s unfolding in front of you is tempered by the dread of it coming to an end.


Some people say this fifth series of Game of Thrones has been one of the slower ones but as it picked up the pace this week with Jon Snow’s epic battle against the White Walkers it also inevitably began to feel like it was racing towards the finish.

Now is the time to savour the days between one Monday night and the next, rather than wishing them away.

With just two episodes to go, the series will soon be over and we’ll be left frustrated and powerless following a predictably huge cliff-hanger, facing the prospect of another year before it will even begin to be resolved.

Ten episodes per series is laughably few for a drama of this scope and quality, packed with so many characters and woven together from so many strands of plot.

Of course, with all the planning and work that goes into making it this good, more would be impossible; I’m just railing against the gods.

Week in week out, Game of Thrones finds new ways to make you think about mortality, but the most poignant is the experience of one moment having those ten new episodes stretching out ahead of you and the next for it to be almost over.

Have a nice day!


Episode 9 of Game of Thrones is at 2am and 9pm on Monday 8th June on Sky Atlantic