Twin Peaks sequel series doubled to 18 episodes

Stars Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn reveal that David Lynch will direct twice the original order

We are running out of Twin Peaks catchphrases to start these articles. 


It is happening again?

Damn fine news?

The owls are not what they seem? Yeah, let’s go with that…

Despite some jitters, we already knew that the Twin Peaks revival would feature both David Lynch directing and more than the originally projected nine new instalments. But now we know that the new series will run to 18 whole episodes. 18! 

Speaking at the Seattle Crypticon convention, original stars Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn revealed that the order had been doubled. “I think when he [Lynch] did the nine, he realised he needed nine more to really complete it,” Fenn speculated.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the negotiations required to get there, we couldn’t be happier at the news. Not only does it increase the total number of Peaks episodes by 60%, it’s actually longer than the original storyline up until the point Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed. As any fan knows, you can more or less ignore everything after that point.

Sheryl and Sherilyn, the latter seen here on the cover of Radio Times…

…also revealed that composer Angelo Badalamenti would be returning to the Black Lodge. A frequent Lynch collaborator, Badalamenti’s electronic score was vital to the creepy, disconcerting vibe of the original. Apparently he will be contributing new music for the new episodes.

Which is great because, as fantastic as the original score was, the tunes were getting a bit worn out by the end of the run.

There was the iconic theme music…

The retro jukebox finger-snapping one…

And the Nightingale…


2016 can’t come soon enough.