Has CSI been cancelled?

No, not that one - the other one

Oh, another US TV show is on the way out – which one is it this time?


After 15 years of high-tech crime-solving, myriad cast changes and making criminals much more careful about not leaving trace evidence, it’s beginning to look like CSI is finally ending.

Ah, gutted – I’ll miss Horatio Caine and his pithy one-liners. Not to mention those shades.

No, not CSI: Miami; that ended back in 2012. Keep up.

No! Then that means Gary Sinise’s Mac Taylor is finally hanging up the badge?

Er, actually CSI: New York ended two years ago.

So it’s that new one, the one where computers kill people with Patricia Arquette?

Nope. CSI: Cyber has just been officially renewed by CBS. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were being deliberately dense to add humour to a dry entertainment story. The CSI that’s possibly on the way out is the original Las Vegas-set affair, which used to star William Petersen but now has Ted Danson at the helm.

What, that’s still going? That takes me back to the noughties. Anyone for gel pens?

Well it’s probably not going now – US network CBS haven’t included it in their renewal schedule for next year and while it hasn’t yet been officially cancelled, according to sources who spoke to Vulture they’re looking to end it with a two-hour special to wrap up all the loose ends.

Update: It’s official. CSI will end after 15 seasons with a two-hour movie. However, Ted Danson will move over to CSI: Cyber.

Damn. How will TV survive without this police procedural mainstay?

Viewers might manage with Castle, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Bones, Gotham, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: SVU, Hannibal and True Detective, all of which have been renewed.

They might also look to newly-commissioned procedural series like Minority Report, Lucifer, Limitless, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Rush Hour, The Frankenstein Code, Rosewood and Blind Spot, all of which will go to filling the gaping hole that CSI’s passing has doubtless left in their lives.

Still, it is sad to see the once-mighty CSI franchise on its knees


Yes, especially when it gave us great televisual moments like this one with Justin Bieber:

Has your favourite US show been renewed or cancelled?