The Missing’s Ken Stott: There shouldn’t be a second series

"The BBC are doing this for the wrong reasons" says the actor who played Ian Garrett in the Bafta-nominated BBC thriller

Ken Stott, who played Ian Garrett in The Missing, is “disappointed” that there will be another series of the drama, and that the BBC should have let it end after eight episodes.


The actor told on the Bafta red carpet that he felt it was a “bad idea” for the thriller to be continued. “I really don’t know why they’re doing it. I have my own reasons why I think they’re doing it but it must be for financial reasons, not art. The first series was a success so they felt they could make more money doing the second series.”

Series one of The Missing ended in December, when the mystery of who abducted five-year-old Oliver Hughes during a family holiday to France in 2006 was solved. 

Stott played an overly friendly, suspicious-seeming businessman who turned out to be a paedophile. Upon discovering this, horrified father Tony Hughes – played by James Nesbitt – beat him to death. Stott will therefore not be in the new series, and added that Nesbitt won’t be either.

In March, a source on the show told that Nesbitt could have a cameo but that Tony Hughes would not be the focus of the next instalment. The source also dismissed speculation that the abducted boy could be alive, after Nesbitt said he was unsure whether his character’s son was actually murdered.

It sounds like Stott wouldn’t want to resume his part in the hit Bafta-nominated thriller even if his character were still alive.

“The Missing doesn’t need a second series,” he said. “And the more we let money control art, [the more] we will lose the quality of what we’re making.”


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