James Nesbitt on tractor racing, Man United – and his secret passion for newsreaders

The Missing star and Bafta nominee for Best Actor reveals his TV crush and explains why the silver screen has always had a special place in his heart

How much TV do you watch?

I have been watching Match of the Day religiously for the past 45 years. Beyond that I binge on other stuff — Cheers, House of Cards…


How many screens do you have at home?

A TV in the living room for my two girls, a sports one in the back room for me, and my eldest daughter has one in her room. I also watch sport on my phone — mostly Manchester United matches, but I’d watch tractor racing if it was on!

What did you watch as a child?

Anything! I come from a generation in Northern Ireland where you couldn’t watch TV on a Sunday — it was a religious thing. So I thought watching TV was special — I loved it! I remember being nine years old when we got a colour TV and just staring because I couldn’t believe it. I feel sorry for my kids because they’ve lost that wonder.

First TV crush?

Sue Lawley. I’ve always had a thing about newsreaders.

Audience award favourite?

Sheridan Smith was sensational in Cilla but I’d rather we won! 


Who should win Best Actor at the TV Baftas 2015?

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