Happy Valley’s James Norton talks binging on Banished, Sherlock and weird urinal habits

The Bafta nominee for Best Supporting actor on why he'd rather spend time outside than watching endless telly

How much TV do you watch?

I don’t watch any TV live, it’s all on catch-up or box sets. I always have a drama on the go — I’ve just started watching Banished. Actors who don’t watch telly make me a little bit wary… You’ve got to learn from your peers.


How many screens do you have at home?

A telly, iPad and computer, but I watch on the telly, in the living room. I do watch the odd episode in bed, which always seems a great idea, but then it finishes and you’re all hot and bothered and you’ve got to sleep in the same hot mess!

Do you binge watch?

When I was a kid my mum would say, “Watch a bit of telly but then go and run outside,” so if I watch more than two hours of TV I have this sense of guilt. She really drilled that into me and I love her for it… I think.

TV, laptop, phone – which one could you live without?

I’ve become so over-reliant on my phone and I’d quite like to untangle that relationship. The weirdest thing is guys at a urinal — you go into a pub toilet and you see a line of guys with a phone in one hand…

Audience Award favourite?

Sherlock — it’s just great telly.


Who should win Best Supporting Actor at the TV Baftas 2015?

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