What’s going to happen in Poldark series two?

With the putrid throat tragedy and Ross in all sorts of trouble, here's what Winston Graham's novels tell us about the BBC1 drama's second series



That’s it. The end of Poldark series one – no more Sunday evenings fawning over Aidan Turner’s toned torso, no more lusting over that rippling terrain (we’re talking about the Cornish countryside, of course). 

For those already in withdrawal, you can cheer yourselves with the news that Poldark already has a second series – eight more episodes based on books three and four, written by Winston Graham and adapted for the telly by Debbie Horsfield. 

But there’s no avoiding the fact we’ve got a good long wait to endure before Turner and his co-star Eleanor Tomlinson gallop back onto our screens. Series one hewed pretty closely to Graham’s first two novels, and – luckily for us – there’s plenty more source material to plough through. 

So, while we wouldn’t want to spoil the entirety of the events that could rock the Poldarks during the ten remaining books, we have taken it upon ourselves to furnish you with a few teasing details from the next two instalments – and lay out some of our favourite bits of series one (*cough* scything) that we hope to see reprised:


1. There’s a trial. 

In Graham’s books, a big ole’ trial. After that dramatic cliffhanger (on an actual cliff), Ross is put in front of a courtroom, charged with pilfering the contents of a shipwreck on Poldark land and inciting a riot – crimes punishable by death. As we well know, he’s more than a bit guilty, but our hero was also struggling with the death of his young daughter and desperate to feed the struggling poor who surround him. Much of the third book in Graham’s series covers the legal proceedings as Demelza makes desperate attempts to recruit good character references to help save her husband from a possible death sentence. It’s tense stuff. 

2. Introducing… Caroline Penvenen

We can only assume the BBC1 series will introduce Caroline when Poldark returns. She and her dog Horace make their first appearance during book three, and soon catch the eye of Ross’ handsome friend Dr Dwight Enys. Poor Enys had a turbulent time of it in series one, thanks to his part in Keren’s death and Mark’s escape. But series two looks set to see him enamoured with Miss Penvenen – an orphan, taken in and raised by her rich uncle Ray.

3. Is war looming?

With social tensions threatening to erupt throughout the first two novels, England is on high alert as as we enter book three thanks to the revolution taking place in France. The south coast is in the grip of paranoia with invasion from the continent a real possibility and the English government’s subsequent crackdown on its citizens’ civil liberties. They may have found enough food to line their bellies for the coming weeks thanks to the Warleggan shipwreck, but our local community still has plenty of hardship to grapple with.

4. George Warleggan is as evil as ever

Not content with having Ross arrested and on trial for his life, in the books devious George sets about launching a smear campaign against his arch rival, spreading sensationalised details of Poldark’s life in an attempt to cause scandal amongst the local Cornish community. We can also look forward to their long-standing resentment erupting into fisticuffs before the series is out – oh, and George has still got his eye on Ross’ former flame Elizabeth. Watch out, Francis…

5. New life at Nampara

The title of Graham’s third book – Jeremy Poldark – alludes to a new addition to Ross and Demelza’s fledgling family. While we viewers are still reeling from the death of young Julia, the next novel will see the Poldarks welcome a son into their rustic abode. Although, the youngster’s early years are unlikely to be trouble-free, with Ross continuing to pursue risky business ventures against the backdrop of Cornwall’s crippled mining industry.


1. More of this…

The Turner Torso has long been the talk of the internet but it’s about to take a considerable hiatus. In the words of Jud Paynter, “T’int right, t’int fair, t’int fit, t’int proper”. It had better be back for series two. 

2. And this.

While we were busy fawning over Aidan Turner (see above), his co-star Eleanor Tomlinson was acting her socks off, endearing us to her sweet-natured Demelza as she won the heart of Poldark’s romantic hero. Much, much more of her, please. 

3. Galloping

Chained to our desks on a Monday morning, what we would give to saddle a stead and hurtle along the Cornish coastline à la Poldark. We lost count of the number of times we spotted him galloping away, the sun shining, the wind whipping through his hair. It certainly beats our daily dose of public transport. 

The Cornish coast

Betcha the Cornish tourist board are counting their lucky stars. The BBC1 series is a gigantic advert for the south-west coastline with its glorious cliffs, idyllic beaches, sweeping terrain and quaint villages. Of course, for Ross’s 18th century tenants, life was impossibly hard – but for visitors to Cornwall nowadays (and there are many), the tourist honeypot offers the perfect mini break. And for those of us stuck back home, Poldark affords us plenty of picturesque scenery to moon over. 

5. Some happiness for Ross and Demelza

Things were looking desperately bleak the last time we saw these two. With the tragedy brought on by putrid throat – and Ross’s impending legal battle – the Poldarks face an almighty struggle when the series returns. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we see smiles on their faces once again.

What do you want to see from Poldark series two? Let us know in the comments box below…

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