Who is Sam Heughan?

The Scottish star has already made a name for himself across the pond in Starz series Outlander – available from today on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Sorry, who? 

Sam Heughan! The hunky Brit making a name for himself stateside playing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in Starz series Outlander. 


Should I recognise him? 

Er… probably not. He’s been plugging away at this acting malarkey for a good few years now, making his first appearance on our screens in 2004 in ITV miniseries Island at War. Since then he’s appeared in bits and bobs – most notably a recurring role in Doctors – before taking the lead in 2010’s Young Alexander the Great. But it’s Outlander that has brought him his dedicated fan following… 

Should I have heard of Outlander? 

If you pay attention to the rumblings of internet fandom, you’ll have probably caught wind of this energetic drama.

Based on the series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, the series follows Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) who one minute is honeymooning with her husband in 1945 – the next she’s in a hostile, bloodthirsty 18th century Scotland. Quite why she time-travelled, we don’t know – but this isn’t another family-friendly timey wimey offering. Once in the Highlands, Claire meets barrel-chested warrior Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan!) who distracts her from her wifely duties. 

So, nothing new there, then…

You could say that, but there’s an argument that Outlander does what it does pretty darn well. It may be airing on cable TV in the states but it’s earned itself a dedicated audience for its strong acting, staggering scenery, and Game of Thrones-tastic lust. 

Did you mention lust? 

Yes, and – brace yourselves shippers – there’s a lot of action beneath the sheets. We wouldn’t want to spoil the fun, but Sam Heughan has some rippling muscles and you’re going to see plenty of them… 

You’ve sold it. Where can I watch it? 

You’re in luck. While American viewers have already seen Sam in action on the cable network Starz, British fans had better cancel all plans this weekend as the first eight episodes of series one dropped on Amazon Prime Instant Video today. What are you waiting for… 

I want more. Where I we see him next?

Series one of Outlander has a a further eight episodes to air, restarting on Starz this April, with a second series already commissioned. As for you Sam fans, you can see him in feature film When the Starlight Ends with David Arquette and Sean Patrick Flanery which began filming in March. 


The first eight episodes of Outlander is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video