8 things we’d like to see the Duchess of Cambridge do on the set of Downton Abbey

The ITV drama is set to receive a royal visitor tomorrow. And we've got our fingers crossed that Kate does the following...

The Crawleys may be used to rubbing shoulders with royalty – remember the pick-pocketing scandal of Christmas 2013? – but they are set to get one seriously special visitor tomorrow (12th March), when the Duchess of Cambridge graces Ealing Studios with her presence. 


The royal, who is currently pregnant with her second child, is poised to visit the below-stairs set and watch a scene being filmed in the servants quarters. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the cast will miss out on meeting the Duchess. Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern will also be in attendance, along with the show’s writer and creator Julian Fellowes. 

It’s an exciting day for the hit ITV period drama, sure, but we think it would be a whole lot better if the Duchess… 

1. Wears black

Mainly so Maggie Smith can say this…

2. Arranges a play date for Prince George and George Crawley

We don’t want to start a scandalous rumour, but they could be brothers. And either way, we’re fairly sure they’d be the best of chums. 

3. Goes upstairs to take off her hat 

4. Films a cameo

If rumours are to be believed and series six is set to be the Crawleys’ final outing, they may as well round things off in style. Why draw the line at cameo appearances from acting royalty like George Clooney when you could get a real royal to show her face? She’s already on set. It makes sense, Fellowes. 

5. Makes scrambled eggs in Mrs’ Patmore’s kitchen, Lady Mary style 

6. Asks Hugh Bonneville to get her a drink 

At a quick glance, the waiting staff at Downton can’t look that different to the staff at Buckingham Palace… 

7. Enlists the Drewes to babysit the new royal baby 

Just to see if they will. They’ve not said the word ‘no’ yet… 


8. Overstays her welcome