Jamie Dornan will be back for a third and final series of The Fall

The BBC has revealed that the Fifty Shades of Grey Star will return to the crime drama via a YouTube teaser trailer

What seemed to many like a black and white ending to series two of BBC2 crime drama The Fall has just been thrown into shades of grey with the announcement that Jamie Dornan will be back for a third series.


The Irish actor’s fate seemed all but sealed when villain Paul Spector was shot in the season two finale. The closing scenes saw him, apparently dying, in the arms of Gillian Anderson’s police superintendent Stella Gibson. But the BBC has now confirmed that it’s not the last we’ve seen of the serial killer…

“Jamie Dornan returns for a third series of The Fall, only on BBC Two”, reads the blurb on the broadcaster’s official YouTube channel.

But will Spector be around for another entire series, or will he live only to die another day? 

“The cliffhanger ending of season two was conceived in the hope of further exploring the characters and the themes that are at the heart of The Fall,” writer and director Allan Cubitt told The Guardian, which will fuel the hopes of Dornan fans that Spector and Gibson have plenty of unfinished business…


An air date for The Fall series three is yet to be confirmed