Call the Midwife and the music of the 1960s: “It’s all about to get exciting”

"I hope that in the future we'll have the Stones and The Beatles, Bob Dylan. Who knows?" says Emerald Fennell

“You can feel a new era dawning,” says Emerald Fennell, of Call the Midwife’s unique soundtrack. “The music’s almost the first thing that started changing.” 


“I hope that in the future we’ll have the Stones and The Beatles, Bob Dylan. Who knows? 

Rock ‘n’ roll or otherwise, music is undoubtedly an “instrumental part” of the period drama, which follows the nuns and midwives of 1960s East End.  

“Heidi [Thomas, the show’s writer] is obsessed with the music, quite rightly,” reveals Call the Midwife’s executive produce Pippa Harris. “She will write into her scripts particular tracks so that we can play them while we are listening to the first drafts of the script, which is perfect.” 

“It intensifies the scenes which are anyway moving and I think that’s one of things that people love about the show… The music is one of the things that really helps viewers get into a new world each week.”

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Call the Midwife series four concludes on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1. The series will be available on BBC DVD from Monday on