How House of Cards fans around the world coped on binge-watch weekend

When there's thirteen episodes of Frank Underwood action to be watched, thirteen episodes will indeed be watched...

House of Cards series three landed on Netflix on Friday, which meant 13 delicious new Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright-filled episodes were there for the taking. 13 brand new nuggets of Frank and Claire Underwood action, 13 episodes that could be watched whenever you darn well wanted (thank you on demand). Basically, if you didn’t see members of your family on Saturday and Sunday, there’s a chance they were partaking in binge-watch weekend.


Many across the world took to Twitter to share their delight, shock, outrage, withdrawal – here’s our spoiler-free round-up…

Excuses were found

Addiction quickly took over

People watched so many episodes they actually thought they were in the show

Some did as Frank Underwood does and ate a side of ribs while watching

Ice cream… not so successful

Today, the struggle is real

Do not be alarmed

After all, one more episode = at least 50 minutes less sleep

Help was called for

Others were left speechless

The outside world was waved off

Time just wandered on by

Self-control became a thing of the past

Some had no need for hand-holding #bingepro

Others were competing

The end of the series brought with it the fear of coping with life itself

Real words were just gone

So, when are we doing it all again?


Still not caught up on House of Cards series three? Head to Netflix to watch all 13 episodes now.