Can you spot the dragon in this Game of Thrones series 5 poster?

First official poster hints at a momentous meeting between characters

HBO have released an impressive new poster for Game of Thrones series five. It’s certainly moody, but the question is: can you spot the dragon?


Is this the dragon?

No, that’s Tyrion standing on a boat, fleeing across the ocean after killing his father at the end of the last series. 

Is this the dragon?

No, that’s some mist.

What about this?

There he is!

It’s Drogon the Dragon, to be specific, who escaped capture and imprisonment when Daenerys decided her pets were too dangerous to roam free.

Does this mean Tyrion and Daenerys will soon meet? Or that Tyrion is about to become dragon food? We’ll find out when Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on Monday 13th April.