Broadchurch finale delivers Joe Miller verdict

SPOILER ALERT!!! Shocking verdict delivered at the start of the series 2 finale... but there are plenty more twists and turns

We were left hanging last week but it didn’t take long before Broadchurch delivered its first bombshell tonight – a NOT GUILTY verdict for Joe Miller!


Yes, you heard right. That Joe Miller. The one we all saw strangle Danny Latimer and then dump his body on the beach. Well, in a rather disappointing night for British justice, he was cleared of the boy’s killing after a clever case was constructed by his defence team.

Somehow Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s Sharon and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Abby managed to plant enough doubt in the mind of the jury with a rather wild case that hinged on Ellie and Alec having an affair and trying to frame her husband.

And with a quick “thankyou, my lady” to the Judge Joe was off. Out of there. A free man… but probably not someone who will be massively welcome back in his home town, you might think.

As Jodie Whitaker’s Beth Latimer put it rather succinctly in her brief chat with Olivia Colman’s Ellie Miller just now: “How is that justice?… I want to kill him, Ell.”


She’s probably not the only one…