Better Call Saul comic book gives glimpse into the Breaking Bad future

Client Development fills in a gap in the Breaking Bad series two episode Better Call Saul…

It’s fair to say that Better Call Saul has surpassed all expectations: both from those who were skeptical about the prospect of a Breaking Bad spin-off, and the others who knew all along that the origin story of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill – A.K.A Saul Goodman – wasn’t just going to be a pale imitation of its source material. 


It’s so bloody good, in fact, that the weekly wait between episodes has almost become excruciating. Luckily, though, there’s something that will help you get your fix: a nifty digital comic. Granted, it isn’t a 99% pure hit, but it’s enough to tide you over until tomorrow. 

Client Development, an official comic by AMC, has been released under Better Call Saul’s banner but is, in fact, set in the future, taking place during episode eight of Breaking Bad’s second series, titled – obviously – Better Call Saul.

If your memory is sketchy, the episode starts with Walt and Jesse enlisting the help of the dodgy lawyer to free drug dealer Badger from jail before he rats them out. In its last scene, however, Saul unexpectantly turns up at Walt’s school with a business proposition. The comic fills in the gaps to explain just how he found out that the legendary Heisenberg was a mild-mannered chemistry teacher. The answer being, of course: Mike. 

It’s a fascinating glimpse into Saul’s process, along with his relationship with Mike, which will no doubt be expanded upon in the prequel series. It also happens to have a funny bonus comic at the back, which depicts Saul as the superhero lawyer we all know he thinks he is. 


Read the full comic here

Better Call Saul is available from 7am every Tuesday on Netflix in the UK