A Giffer’s Guide to Broadchurch

The season two finale is almost upon us so, from David Tennant's broody stare to Olivia Colman's orange outerwear, here's your very own GIF beginner's guide to ITV's incredible crime drama...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (at the bottom of a cliff, perhaps), you’ll know that a large section of the nation has been glued to ITV of a Monday night thanks to David Tennant, Olivia Colman and season two of Broadchurch.


ITV’s crime drama pehomenon – about the mysterious death of a young boy, the quest to catch his killer and the ensuing trial – sure knows how to reel the viewers in after all this time. But what on earth is all the fuss about?

For those of you who haven’t watched it (what on EARTH are you doing with your lives? Silent What-ness…?) here’s a little, relatively spoiler-free, taster of what you’ve been missing over the course of the past two seasons…

We begin our story on the cliffs at Broadchurch, a quiet coastal town where nothing ever happens… or so they all thought.

The cliffs are quite a popular spot for those who love to do nothing but stand and stare aimlessly out to sea.

Enter Alec Hardy (David Tennant), a delightfully cheery Detective Inspector who’s been called in to solve the mysterious death of 11-year-old local lad Danny Latimer. He’s the kid they’ve found lying at the foot of those all-important cliffs y’see.

New cantankerous kid on the block Hardy just so happens to enjoy a good stare into the middle distance too. He’ll fit right in with the locals then…

Every so often, he also likes to lie on the ground and inexplicably leak water too.

It’s a long way he’s come since his days on Doctor Who.

Hardy’s got this new partner, a charming, quaint local lass by the name of Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman).

They like working together SO much, they’re bound to catch that killer. 

There’s actually quite a bit of swearing…

There’s also a lot of orange anorak wearing (get the look right here)

And YES, you guessed it, EVEN MORE ‘into the middle distance’ staring.

It’s a right weekly televisual feast for the senses.

In fact, DI Hardy is just SO thrilled about it all that he can hardly contain his excitement.

But all jokes aside, by the time we get to season two the tale is a complex one as the trial of Danny’s killer takes place and another new mystery – about the disappearance of two young girls – comes back to haunt Hardy.

There’s so much high stakes drama that it may well leave you weeping.

And by the time you’re done with all 16 episodes even David Tennant’s eyes will be seeping.

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Series two of Broadchurch concludes on Monday February 23rd at 9pm on ITV

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