Benedict Cumberbatch’s wedding according to Sherlock

Cumberbatch is getting married, but we shouldn't worry – he has all the experience he needs from Sherlock

The foundations of the very internet were rocked a few months ago with the news that Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married to director and actress Sophie Hunter.


Suffice to say, we were all pretty gobsmacked…

Some were sad, most were joyful – but just imagine the nerves of the happy couple themselves, who are apparently tying the knot this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Marriage can be a stressful time in normal circumstances, let alone when you’re world-famous and millions of fans will be watching your every decision. Not one for the faint-hearted.

Still, thinking about, it we shouldn’t worry – although he’s never been married before, Benedict’s bound to have picked up a few tips from his time on Sherlock…

To begin with, make sure you don’t go too mad on the stag do

Remember – preparation and presentation are everything

Get your best look for the wedding photographs

Try your best to remember all the guest’s names

Keep the toasts short and sweet…

But don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with them too

Practice and dazzle everyone with your sweet dance moves

Don’t forget to travel in style for the honeymoon


And last but not least – be prepared to deal with the upset people who you didn’t invite to the reception…