Game of Thrones: The Exhibition offers sneak peek of series 5

We're going down to Dorne, by way of the O2 Arena

Not much is known about the plot of Game of Thrones series five (unless you’ve read the books, in which case shhhhh) but we do know much of it will be set in the sunny kingdom of Dorn.


Now a new exhibition of props at Sky Backstage at London’s O2 arena allows a glimpse of this faraway land. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the home of the late Red Viper really, really likes snakes. Like, loads.

They like snake daggers.

They like snake whips.

They even like plain old snakes in a box, a sort of medieval Unhappy Meal.

The detail on everything is simply incredible close up. Look at the different kinds of snakeskin used on this ‘Dornish Viper Box’. (It does what it says on the tin.)

Also on display is Sansa Stark’s moody ‘Alayne’ outfit, briefly glimpsed at the end of season four and hinting at her new quasi-alliance with Littlefinger.

Amazing, but that’s not all. John Bradley, who plays Sam, was at the launch to talk about how you keep the show fresh five series in.

“The quandary going into season five is we know what people like, we know what they expect, so we know we’re going to have to keep those bits but find ways of surprising them still,” he told a crowd of journalists itching to get into the exhibition and sit on the Iron Throne. “After watching 40 hours of something, they start to think they know the formula a bit.” 

Series four ended with another long journey for the characters, as Stannis Baratheon cropped up unexpectedly north of the Wall, rescuing the Night’s Watch from the attacking Wildling army. For Sam at least, they’re not exactly welcome. “Sam finished season four on a relative high, not only gaining all this responsibility but also forming a more intimate relationship with Gilly,” Bradley explained. “Just as he’s become a slightly bigger fish in the pond of Castle Black, he’s got a whole new range of people to be intimidated by.”


Game of Thrones: The Exhibition opens today at the O2 for Sky Customers. Series 5 airs April 13th.