Call the Midwife’s Laura Main on Turnadette’s fans: I’m really pleased – they are lovely

The actress who plays Shelagh in the hit BBC1 period drama talks the show's fans - and what's next for the Turner family

Laura Main’s Call the Midwife character has an ardent fan following. 


The love story between Shelagh (formerly Sister Bernadette) and Doctor Turner has grabbed viewers’ imaginations and, a series on from their wedding day, a quick Google search still brings up gifs, memes, artwork and fan fiction – something that Main is “really pleased” to see.

“I do dip a toe into Tumblr-land,” she admits to “They are all super nice and just love the show.”

“[The fans] seem to really care about the two of them. They are very supportive and very encouraging,” she continues, adding: “I guess this is my way of saying I really appreciate the way that they’ve taken to the characters. They are lovely – love them!”

This series sees Shelagh and Dr Turner get to play “happy families” for the first time: “Shelagh went through a lot of heartache in the last series.”

“The big contrast is enjoying family life. Things are great and she’s fulfilled workwise as well. It’s good.”

But, says Main, “in the land of Call the Midwife it’s not always plain sailing” and there are, as always, difficulties ahead.

“There is a challenge that we’ve seen before and it comes back,” she tells us. “Around about the middle of this series things are challenging for them.” 


Call the Midwife continues tonight at 8:00pm on BBC1