Where could Broadchurch go next…

Tim Dowling imagines the future scandals of David Tennant's ITV crime drama

Many viewers have complained that the courtroom scenes in the drama series Broadchurch are unrealistic (read our expert’s verdict here). While ITV have said that “creative decisions are taken to heighten dramatic effect”, the producers have also issued these “clarifications” for upcoming episodes.


Episode Five

Our writers and researchers fully accept it’s unlikely that a case would be adjourned because the judge received a text message that read, “URGENT. Stop trial!!! From the Prime Minister”. There is certainly no legal precedent for it. But you know what? The text might not really be from the Prime Minister at all.

Episode Six

It’s standard procedure for jurors to be escorted to a crime scene in order for them to get a better grasp of the layout or to review evidence in situ. It is quite rare for members of the jury to be murdered in the course of such an excursion. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Do you want a series three or not?

Episode Seven

True, opposing barristers almost never swap sides for a day—not even for a bet—but the endless courtroom scenes were beginning to get a bit static, even with a pro like Charlotte Rampling, and this loosened things up nicely. 

Episode Eight

As far-fetched as it may seem, there was definitely at least one time when a defendant really did enter the witness box and then proceed to hypnotise everyone in the courtroom to make them think they were stuck to their chairs, before escaping in a hijacked bus. It wasn’t in this country, of course.

What if we said it happened in the Philippines? Would you believe it then? 


Broadchurch is on ITV tonight (26th January) at 9.00pm