Mr Selfridge: behind the scenes of Rosalie’s wedding received an invite to the society wedding of the year where the likes of Jeremy Piven, Zoe Wanamaker and Amanda Abbington were in attendance...

We’re still in that post-Christmas lull, wondering whether January will ever, EVER end, so what better time for Mr Selfridge to swoop back on to our screens with his deliciously decadent store for us to drool over? 


Picking up in 1919, the first episode of series three is a thing of contrast, beginning with Rose’s funeral (remember, we discovered she was dying at the end of last season) and followed by the wedding of Rosalie (Kara Tointon), Selfridge’s oldest, to the mysterious Russian prince Serge de Bolotoff (Leon Ockenden). 

With all the money flowing into his coffers, it’s no surprise that Selfridge (played by Jeremy Piven) puts on the ultimate society wedding with sparkling jewels, flowing champagne glasses and a guest list that includes the likes of Zoe Wanamaker and Amanda Abbington. Oh, and Did we mention we got to go along? 

We thought you’d like to have a look behind the scenes so we took along a camera to film our chats with the cast. Here’s a sneak-peek of our glamorous day… 

And if you’re in the mood for some more chats with the Selfridge cast, we grabbed some time with…

Gregory Fitoussi who plays Henri Leclair – back from the First World War and loved-up with Agnes Towler (Aisling Loftus), but struggling with his memories of the horrors he witnessed on the front:

Samuel West and Amy Beth Hayes who play Frank and Kitty Edwards – the journalist and head of Selfridge’s new beauty department who’ve gone and got married since we last saw them: 

Greg Austin who plays Harry’s eldest son Gordon, about six inches taller than when we last saw him and sporting some hairy facial furniture:

And Ron Cook who plays Mr Crabbe – Selfridges’ beleaguered chief accountant struggling to cope with his boss’s ambitious plans to expand the business:  


Mr Selfridge series three begins on Sunday 25th January at 9:00pm on ITV