Fargo series two: feminism and Ronald Reagan

The FX drama will jump back to the 70s for a "more comedic" second season

When Fargo returns to our TV screens for season two, we already know it will look a little different. For obvious reasons, it will not star Martin Freeman or Billy Bob Thornton. In fact, it’s to be a prequel set in 1979, starring Molly’s dad Lou Solverson. 


Thanks to FX CEO John Langraf, who spoke this weekend at the TCA winter press tour, we’re now party to a little more information.

One thing we’ve learned is that US president Ronald Reagan is set to make an appearance. 

“It’s set in the late ’70s against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan’s first campaign for president of the United States. Reagan is a character in it,” said Langraf, confirming to Entertainment Weekly: “Reagan will be interacting with our characters.”

Fargo’s second run is also set to be “more comedic” than its first season: “It’s a big, sprawling, in some ways more comedic [season], though at times a very serious show.”

Feminism and women’s rights will also play a part in the drama. 

“A lot of what it’s about is the cultural transformation that was going on at the time. It’s about the sense that the war has come home. It’s also about feminism, so there are some really significant female characters,” revealed Langraf.

Set in 1979 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, series two will focus on young cop-turned-diner owner Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) who recently returned from the Vietnam War. The plot is likely to revolve around a harrowing case that Solverson experienced in his youth, which was often referred to in series one. 

Ted Danson is set to join Wilson as Hank Larsson, Lou’s unflappable father-in-law, while Nick Offerman, Jean Smart, Jeffrey Donovan, Angus Sampson, Kieran Culkin and Kirsten Dunst are also poised to star in series two. 


Fargo series two will air on Channel 4 in the UK