Should #Setlock continue?

Crowds gathering at Sherlock filming locations can make life difficult for actors, admit stars Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss. But with new episodes so rare, do fans have a right to enjoy #Setlock? Cast your vote and have your say...

The Sherlock cast and crew seem to have mixed feelings about the phenomenon known as #Setlock. Co-creator and star Mark Gatiss told us in a recent interview that although he appreciates the enthusiasm for the detective drama, fans gathering at outside shooting locations has actively changed the way the series is filmed.


Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson in the BBC series, agrees that shooting in front of the crowds is like “acting at a premiere” and admits “I don’t love it”. But his on- and off-screen partner Amanda Abbington had kind words for those who attended a rainy shoot on the Sherlock special recently, posting on Twitter “So lovely to meet everyone waiting at #Setlock today. Hope you are now all back home and warmed up! Xx.”

Meanwhile, locations manager Jeremy DeCoursey was happy to share a photo of the slightly bedraggled “crowd”.

Opinion is divided among Sherlock fans too, with some urging people to stay away from filming.

Kirsty Lawson posted on Facebook: “Why can’t these ‘setlockers’ understand that they are ruining it for everyone else! Stop making it so difficult for the guys to make this awesome show! Grr..”, while Simon Frederic Marx added “I get that people are excited/enthusiastic, I do, but I would never go to a filming, personally. I think it’s rude. They are essentially barging into the actors’ work space… and watching them while they are doing their job.”

Rakesh Guha had a different take, though, pointing out that with new episodes of Sherlock so few and far between, fans need their fix: “Oh come on, if you are releasing 3 episodes in 2 years, what do you expect? Fans need some Sherlock. Stop crying and start making like 10 episodes a season already.”


But what do you think? Is #Setlock acceptable, or should fans stay away from filming? Vote in our poll and post your thoughts below…Is it acceptable for fans to attend #Setlock?