BBC3 tells In the Flesh fans how to complain about show’s cancellation

"We're sad about this too!" tweets the channel, pointing angry viewers in the direction of its complaints procedures

Zombie drama In the Flesh is unlikely to rise from the dead after news of its cancellation broke on Friday night – but there is a way for fans of the show to voice their frustration.


The BBC3 Twitter feed reacted to the outcry on social media by pointing users in the direction of the BBC Complaints page, telling them those at the channel were less than happy about the decision themselves.

A statement from BBC3 explained the cancellation, saying that “given there is only budget one original drama series a year on the channel it won’t be returning,” and adding “We loved the show but have to make hard choices to bring new shows through.” 

Complaints can be made either over the phone, via an online form or even by post. The BBC says it replies to over 90 per cent of complaints within two weeks, and the Complaints Management Board meets every month to discuss issues arising from these complaints.

The news of the show’s demise comes after the BBC outlined plans to slash BBC3’s programme-making budget and move the channel entirely online. In December the corporation said the new version of the channel would be guided by two key editorial strands: “Make Me Laugh” and “Make Me Think”.

A Public Value Assessment test is due to begin later this month, and will allow viewers to have their say on BBC3’s closure. The BBC Trust – who will ultimately decide the channel’s fate – said they will take into account the views of audiences when assessing BBC3’s future.


“The Trust’s priority throughout will be to listen to the views of audiences and stakeholders,” a BBC Trust statement said in December.