Martin Freeman makes TV history in first trailer for The Eichmann Show

The Sherlock actor stars as a TV producer determined to televise the trial of a Nazi war criminal in the new BBC2 drama

The first trailer for BBC2’s historical drama The Eichmann Show has been released, showing Sherlock star Martin Freeman sporting an American accent to play groundbreaking TV producer Milton Fruchtman.


The one-off drama – part of a series of programmes marking Holocaust memorial day on 27th January – follows Fruchtman as he filmed the 1961 trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, one of the major organisers of the systematic genocide of an estimated six million European Jews during the Second World War.

Also starring Anthony LaPaglia as blacklisted director Leo Hurwitz and Rebecca Front as a Holocaust survivor, The Eichmann show will follow the obstacles Fruchtman and his team had to overcome to make the documentary, which was televised daily around the world.

The trial was the first time that most people had heard about the Nazi atrocities from the mouths of its victims, and also became known for its revolutionary use of filming techniques.

Speaking on the historical trial, Freeman said in this week’s Radio Times: “People obviously knew that something truly terrible had happened under the Nazis, but maybe it was the first time the scale and breadth had had a human face put on it – the face of the survivors.”

He added: “I think it teaches us that people who can be responsible for these terrible things aren’t monsters and don’t have two heads. They look, sound and often even think similarly to us, which is the scariest thing of all.”


The Eichmann Show will be on BBC2 on Tuesday 20th January at 9.00pm