Sherlock and The Killing star Lars Mikkelsen joins House of Cards series three

The actor plays Russian presdient "Petrov" in the Netflix drama starring Golden Globe-winning Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright

It looks like Sherlock’s Charles Augustus Magnussen is soon to hold the government in his power once again – except this time, he’s headed stateside as a Russian Prime Minister.


Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, also known for his role as Troels Hartmann in The Killing, made a surprise appearance in the new trailer for Netflix political thriller House of Cards alongside series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

Although his exact storyline in the Washington-based drama has not been revealed, it would appear the Mikkelsen has a fairly central one based on his prominence in the trailer – and will almost certainly not be a friend to the new President (Spacey).

In one scene he appears unwilling to shake Frank’s hand, later towering over him at a desk before planting a kiss on Frank’s wife Claire (Wright) to the apparent unease of her husband.

While it wasn’t made immediately clear who Mikkelsen was playing, according to The Independent he will play a Russian President resembling real-life premier Vladimir Putin – perhaps explaining his disrespectful attitude towards Frank.

Mikkelsen himself wouldn’t reveal much about his character, apart from saying his role was “great” and would involve appearing in a number of episodes throughout the season.

Mikkelsen told Danish broadcaster DR’s website it was fantastic to be part of the series, adding that he enjoyed the drama’s Shakespearean references. 

He joked he was surprised his casting had suddenly emerged: “I do not know how much I can say!”


House of Cards returns to Netflix on the 27th of February