House of Cards: the stakes are high in new series 3 trailer

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are back in tense teaser for the Netflix thriller's third season

Coffins, tense handshakes, tears – it looks like the stakes will be even higher for the Underwoods when the third series of House of Cards premieres on Netflix next month. 


Hot on the heels of Kevin Spacey’s Golden Globes win last night for best actor in a drama, Netflix has released a new 40-second teaser. And it’s intense. 

The trailer shows Frank and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), in their new positions as President and First Lady of the United States, dealing with the stresses and strains of running a country, as well as tackling their own inner demons and moral dilemmas… 

“We are murderers, Francis,” says Claire, before he replies: “We’re survivors.”

When it comes to details of the drama ahead in the third season of he thriller, we’re as in the dark as you are. And Spacey is doing his best to ensure we stay that way until the new episodes arrive. 

“I can tell you exclusively that there will be scenes and dialogue, movement, surprises — some of it taking place in the White House — some of it taking place somewhere else,” he teased at last night’s Golden Globes. 


House of Cards returns on 27th February