Game of Thrones to be released in IMAX

The HBO fantasy drama will become the first television show ever to feature in large format cinemas

We’re not sure how we feel about this. Yes, seeing the epic Game of Thrones on a screen the height of five double decker buses would be impressive, but surely it’s a bit much? Think of the beheadings. Think of the naughty bits.


Nevertheless, like winter, it’s coming. Entertainment Weekly report that a Game of Thrones ‘movie’ (the last two episodes of series four stuck together) will be released to IMAX cinemas, along with a long awaited trailer for series five. Previously, fans have only got tiny glimpses of series five, but this large format promo should be quite the eyeful.

If you can’t remember, series four ended with the brutal Watchers on the Wall – an episode long battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings – and the finale The Children which was… really really weird


The IMAX version will be released to 150 theatres in the US for one week, starting January 23rd. As for a possible UK run? So far, we know nothing… Jon Snow.