Broadchurch series two: did you find the music too dramatic?

Ólafur Arnalds' compositions have split opinion among viewers as some struggled to understand dialogue while others found the music too overbearing

Broadchurch had plenty going on during last night’s series two opener, from the fallout to Joe Miller’s initial hearing to the return of Lee Ashworth – Alec Hardy’s suspected Sandbrook killer.


But while many of us were gripped by the unfolding storyline, some had gripes with the dramatic mood music accompanying the likes of David Tennant, Olivia Colman & co, with a number of users taking to the site to air their grievances

“Was really looking forward to watching series 2, but the music was so intrusive, it make [sic] the dialogue almost impossible to hear,” commented one user. 

“The dramatic music spoilt it so much for me tonight it reminded me of a comedy horror programme,” said another. 

And while many on Twitter came out in support of Ólafur Arnalds’ tense musical accompaniment…

…some used the social network to bemoan its intrusion:

Twitter’s had its say, but what we really want are your thoughts. Did you find the music too overbearing – did we really need the dum-de-dums as Mark and Beth strolled towards the courtroom? Or did Arnalds’ haunting, lilting tones only add to the oppressive atmosphere we’ve come to associate with the seaside Dorset town? 


Post your opinions in the comments box below…