Breaking Bad is the TV show most people have lied about watching

Over 40 per cent of viewers admit they've pretended to have watched a show when they haven't, with Game of Thrones the next most lied about...

Breaking Bad - Walt and Jesse

No-one likes being left out of those water-cooler chats about last night’s brilliant new TV drama or the latest on-demand series – and it seems many of us are so keen to be in on the conversation that we’re willing to lie about the shows we’ve watched.


In a poll of 1,500 readers, 42 per cent admitted they’d pretended they had seen a programme when they hadn’t, with Breaking Bad the series most often prompting those little white lies.

The dark US drama starring Bryan Cranston as chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White, and Aaron Paul as his partner in crime Jesse Pinkman, was one of the most talked about shows of 2013, with each new episode widely discussed in offices, pubs and on Twitter as it became available on Netflix – so perhaps it’s no surprise that people felt under pressure to appear up to date and to have an opinion about it.

Acclaimed fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which airs in the UK on subscription channel Sky Atlantic, was the next most lied about show – well ahead of BBC dramas Sherlock and Doctor Who – with Lost, Orange Is the New Black, The Sopranos and Mad Men also among the series people said they had pretended to have watched.

The most lied about TV shows

1. Breaking Bad (13.21%)

2. Game of Thrones (11.74%)

3. Sherlock (6.74%)

4. Doctor Who (6.54%)

5. Lost (5.47%)

6. Orange Is the New Black (5.2%)

7. The Sopranos (4.07%)

8. Mad Men (3.87%)

9. Modern Family (3.27%)


10. House of Cards (3.14%)