Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall on series two: “Grief is not our driving emotion this year”

"It’s not Midsomer in Broadchurch," says the creator of the ITV detective drama in the new issue of the Radio Times

Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has revealed that the second series of ITV’s hugely successful detective drama will move away from being a traditional murder mystery.


“The feel of the show is slightly different this time… Grief is not our driving emotion this year,” says Chibnall in the latest issue of the Radio Times.

The creator of the Dorset-set drama says he has stuck firm to the thread woven through the first series, that something as hideous as the murder of a child simply “never happens here.”

“I will not betray that, Chibnall says. ‘That’s always been my pact with the viewer – this [Danny’s murder] is an unusual event that has massive repercussions.

“People have said, ‘Don’t turn it into Midsomer Murders in Broadchurch.’ We have nodded in that direction. It’s not Midsomer in Broadchurch,” 

Series two trailers have teased the line, “The end is where it begins”, suggesting the second series is to pick up where it left off, at the moment Danny Latimer’s family hold his funeral following Joe Miller’s admission of guilt. However Chibnall assures, “I promise we do not start with the discovery of another body beneath the cliffs.”

The show’s star David Tennant , who played detective Alec Hardy, says of the next installment, “It’s genuinely lovely to be back because you know people liked it rather than hated it. We’re back in the same situation, though it’s a different sort of suspense this time.”

“Of course, the murder of a child is the most appalling thing humanity can do….[the new series is] differently bad.” 

Olivia Colman, who won a Bafta for her role as the detective wife of the murderer, insists she’s tried not to be too weepy in the new series, as she copes with the aftermath of the murder and Joe’s arrest: “I’ve really tried not to cry. I don’t want people to turn on the telly and go, ‘Oh, it’s her [again], she cries.’ ”

With huge secrecy surrounding the eight-part second series, which starts on Monday 5th January, the cast have to be extremely careful about giving away plot spoilers. “Having to do interviews is a nightmare for us,” adds Tennant. “I worry about saying something out of line, or puncturing a balloon.”


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