The Missing: the best viewer theories

Do you think you've cracked what happened to young Oliver Hughes? Here are our favourite theories...

The discovery of a coin in the penultimate episode of The Missing had viewers scratching their heads.


With just one episode to go, the theories about who is responsible for abducting Olly Hughes are being refined. Was it the shifty hotel owner? The ambitious mayor? Detective Mark Walsh? Even, heaven forbid, Emily herself?

Our favourite reader theories

Samuel Lewis was intrigued by the hotel owner Alain Deloix, Oliver’s scarf, and a broken telly…

“His appearances have been sporadic; he isn’t a suspect and the guilty one is always someone you’ve overlooked.

“Ollie’s scarf was found at a charity shop after being handed in by a woman who found it in a house she bought, where it turns out Ollie was kept. However he wasn’t wearing his scarf when he went missing which means it was taken and given to him by someone who had access to his hotel room: the hotel guy!!

“Some significance lies within the TV not working and having not worked for 8 years. I think it has a camera in it and its their way of watching children in rooms etc.

“The mayor is covering up, leaking info and having people killed – the guy at the station and the guy in prison – to stop it getting out as any connection to this kidnapping will ruin him!”

Susan Hilton isn’t so sure about the coin. We saw Mark Walsh picking up an envelope from journalist Malik Suri, but could there have been a switch? 

“How do we know that the envelope contained the coin? It wasn’t shown during the meet with Malik. Could Mark have changed the contents?”

Danny Stansfield disagrees…

“They have the lab reports; that’s how they know Malik had it tested. The lab report would state that it was a coin they tested, so Mark hasn’t swapped anything.”

Eagle-eyed Stuart Burrill noted the recurring number plates. Production mishap, or a vital clue?

“In Episode 7 when the other child goes missing at the start (in 2009), there is a black Range Rover in the car park. The mayor drives a black Range Rover – he arrives at that car park whilst the forensics are being taken. The license plate of that Range Rover is “179 OL 97”. At the end of Episode 7 when Tony returns to the hotel, there is a different car outside with the same license plate and the hotelier is smoking outside.

“No idea if it’s coincidence or the BBC making a mistake.”

Tony Copley’s anticipating one more twist

“Alain’s the red herring, too obvious with the shiftiness in episode 7. This all comes down to the mayor, Alain’s brother. Who else could wield such influence as to have the guy killed in prison? Also, he was pretty keen in stating that he was pulling the plug on the investigation.”

Mark Foulgar suspects Emily.

“When the 2nd boy went missing the police said the parents are usually the first suspects. They interviewed Tony but not Emily but does Emily have an alibi? For a child to go off without a struggle, did he know the person… was she jealous of the relationship between Father and Son, or was she trying to protect Ollie from Tony’s anger. So many times the first 3 episodes have the clues but we forget them and the red herrings come into play….My money is on Emily.”


And the best of Twitter

And finally, from our Facebook page, thank to Nic Wood for this…

“I think it was professor plumb in the kitchen with the lead pipe.”