The Missing episode seven: what is the significance of the recovered coin?

SPOILER ALERT: The sobriety coin found in a storm drain could be the key to uncovering what really happened to Oliver Hughes

The medallion kept secret for eight years by journalist Malik Suri could be the key to finding out who really took Oliver Hughes.


The penultimate episode of The Missing revealed what detective Khalid Ziane found all those years ago in a drain near the crime scene: a blood-stained coin.

Tony Hughes recognised it immediately: it was a sobriety coin, the same type shown to him by Sylvie Deloix, the owner of the Hotel de L’Eden, in episode six.

Here’s a recap of what was at the time a trifling conversation: owner Sylvie explained to Tony that her husband Alain Deloix was given the coin after one year free of alcohol. “One for each sober year,” she explained. “So long Alain struggled. But this year he has 20 years, and still I keep this. A reminder of how proud he made me that day.”

Is the coin found in the drain another of Alain’s sobriety coin collection? Tony certainly thinks so: “I know who it belongs to,” he said just before the credits roll.

But is Tony being premature in thinking the coin is Alain’s? The Missing isn’t short of characters who enjoy a drink – Tony included. Furthermore, these coins must be standard issue for whatever alcoholics’ counselling group Alain attended.

Having said that, it now seems odd that almost the only time we see Alain in the drama is back in 2006. In the present day, only Sylvie deals with her (very few) guests.

We get one glimpse of Alain in episode seven, when Tony and Emily return in 2009 to find out more about the new missing child case. Sylvie chastised him for smoking indoors, and that was that. No shifty attitude, no dropped clues.

Going into the final episode, this is all we have to go on: a bloody coin found eight years ago in a drain near the crime scene. 

There is just one more curious detail. Look again at The Missing cast list. There you can find the names Sylvie and Alain Deloix (played by Astrid Whettnall and Jean-Francois Wolff). Just below Sylvie’s name is Georges Deloix, the mayor of Chalons Du Bois.

We haven’t noticed before, but is it coincidence that Georges shares a surname with the hotel owners? Is the mayor’s real reason for hushing up the case because he wants to protect his relative?


Tune in to the final episode to find out.

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