Who should play the Queen in Netflix’s The Crown?

From Jenna Coleman and Michelle Dockery to Emma Watson and Hayley Atwell - who should bring our monarch to the small screen for Netflix's new royal original series?

Our very own royal family is set to get the Netflix treatment.


The on-demand streaming service is poised to produce The Crown, a 10-part series inspired by Peter Morgan’s West End play The Audience.

The drama will reveal “the intrigues, love lives and machinations behind the great events that shaped the second half of the 20th century” from the perspective of Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

“The Crown is not only about the royal family but about an empire in decline, a world in disarray and the dawn of a new era,” said Peter Morgan.

It’s clearly a subject matter perfect for the telly screen. The only issue is: who should be trusted with the burden of bringing our monarch to life?

Dame Helen Mirren played Elizabeth II in The Audience – and won a Oscar for portraying the royal in 2006 film The Queen – while Kristin Scott Thomas is set to pick up the role when the play returns to the West End next year. But series one of The Crown calls for “a 25-year-old Princess” instead of the head of state we know and love today.

We need a young and thoroughly British actress with poise, stature and a royal demeanour to don an ermine robe and take up the sceptre. And we have plenty to choose from.

According to reports in the US, Claire Foy is the frontrunner for the role at the moment, but we can think of countless others capable of bringing the Queen to the screen, from Jenna Coleman and Michelle Dockery to Hayley Atwell and Carey Mulligan.


Who would you like to see play our monarch?