Ripper Street’s Matthew Macfadyen: “I was thrilled to be reunited with my bowler hat”

H Division's Inspector Edmund Reid is known for his fancy headgear - although his portrayer doesn't feel hip enough to sport it once the cameras stop rolling

What fun to be a costume designer on Ripper Street. What with the lavish silks, snazzy blazers and extravagant headgear, the streets of Victorian Whitechapel may be filthy but those who walk them sport some seriously fine threads.


But if we had to pick one item of clothing as our favourite, it would have to be Inspector Edmund Reid’s bowler hat – and it turns out his portrayer Matthew Macfadyen feels exactly the same.

With the new series – commissioned by Amazon Prime Instant Video following BBC1’s axing of the drama last year –  picking up four years after the end of season two, was there a worry that Reid might return without his treasured bowler?

“There was never a threat to take it away,” Macfadyen tells “There would have been words had it. I was thrilled to be reunited with it.”

There’s no doubt Reid can pull off his headgear, but would the Spooks actor ever considering sporting it when the cameras stop rolling? “No. I’d love to but I’m not brave enough. I’m not hip enough.”


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