Spoiler-free preview of The Missing episode two starring James Nesbitt

Preview, pictures and trailer for the second episode of the BBC1 thriller, in which distraught father Tony Hughes is still searching for his missing son

The case of missing child Olly Hughes has been reopened, but his dad Tony is still a long way from discovering the truth about his lost son in episode two of BBC1 drama The Missing.


The first instalment saw Tony (a haunted James Nesbitt) returning to the French town of Chalons Du Bois to search for his son, who went missing eight years ago.

In tonight’s trailer, Tony finds out from retired detective Julien Baptiste that French police have decided to look again into the original case.

However, the action immediately swings back to 2006 and the time of the original disappearance, where detectives – along with British liaison officer Mark Walsh (Jason Flemyng) – believe they have found a suspect…

Tony and wife Emily (Frances O’Connor) face the media, while Brit journalist Malik Suri gathers intelligence in the shadows.

Meanwhile, a new figure, property developer Ian Garrett, has clearly been struck by the parents’ televised plea. Watch the clip below to find out more.

Back in the present day, Olly’s scratched drawing found in a basement at the end of episode one appears to have reignited the investigation, with Tony, Julien and policewoman Laurence Relaud (Emilie Dequenne) poring over the tattered picture.

The Missing’s series opener was a hammer blow of a drama, drawing comparisons with ITV’s Broadchurch. But can tonight’s episode match last week’s harrowing start?

Radio Times’s TV editor Alison Graham thinks so…

“Harry and Jack Williams’s thriller ensures that we are wrong-footed at every screw-twist of the plot as Emily and Tony Hughes are caught in a no-man’s land of restlessness and terrible, painful boredom as they await news of their missing five-year-old son, Olly.

“The pair are haunted by his absence and can do little except roam the streets or stay, cooped up, in their small hotel as the French police keep searching. But it seems that they might have found a friend, someone who can help.

“Time shifts between Olly’s disappearance in 2006 and the present day when Tony (James Nesbitt), obsessed by his son’s disappearance (“I’ve lost everyone and everything I ever cared for… this is all I have left”) tries to pressurise the police to re-open the case. But the little French town does not want to be the focus of the world’s eyes once again.”


The Missing continues this Tuesday 4th November at 9pm on BBC1