Are Downton’s Bates and Anna headed behind bars?

There's more trouble ahead for Downton Abbey's golden couple, as Anna and Bates are seen sitting in jail

Over the last five series Anna and Bates have had a tough time. They’ve faced scandal, heartbreak, despair and Bates’ evil ex-wife.


Back in series three Bates was convicted for murder, before Anna single-handedly proved his innocence. Then in series four she was brutally raped by visiting valet Mr Green. But their troubles are far from over as both of them, it seems, are now caught up in the investigation into Green’s subsequent, and highly suspicious, death. 

The police have been sniffing around for the last few episodes, though Bates and Anna were hopeful in last night’s instalment that the investigation had moved on.

“Do you feel the whole business with Mr Green might be over?” Anna asked her husband. 

“Well, they seem to have accepted the fact that I spent the day in York and Miss Baxter has given them nothing new to go on,” he replied.

“So we can dare to plan our future again, like normal people,” added Anna. 

Though that, it appears, was false hope, as the series finale will see the couple sitting behind bars. 

From the look of these preview pictures, Bates is back to his brooding ways while Anna finds herself in a line-up…

Downton Abbey concludes on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV