Is death coming to Downton Abbey next week?

We've lasted six episodes without anyone popping their clogs on screen, but we've got a bad feeling about episode seven...

So far series five of Downton Abbey has been wonderfully death free. 


After a string of distressing episodes over the last two series, which saw Sybil die in childbirth, Matthew meet his maker behind the wheel of his car and lovely Anna be raped by visiting valet Green, we’ve had a nice run of instalments which have mainly focussed on Isobel’s fledgling flirtation, Lady Mary’s convention defying desires and Daisy’s school lessons. 

But we’re a little bit worried that all might be about to change next week. 

The Grim Reaper could be about to make a reappearance at the Abbey to take one of the Crawley family across to the other side…

You might have guessed who we are talking about. Yes, Isis the dog. Robert’s pride and joy was looking a little peaky and listless this week. And we’re a little worried she might not make it to Christmas. Julian Fellowes does love a death after all… 


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV