Has Downton’s Lady Edith gone for good?

Sunday's episode saw Edith take Marigold and leave the Abbey - but is that really the last we'll see of her?

Have we just lost another member of the Crawley clan?


Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey saw Lady Edith pack up her belongings, take Marigold from the Drewes and leave the Abbey for good, saying she could never be happy if she stayed.

The episode started with Edith receiving news from her editor confirming that her lover, and Marigold’s father, Michael Gregson had been killed in Germany. The Crawley family weren’t especially sympathetic, with Mary taking the opportunity to go out and get a new hairdo and Lady Rose organising a picnic, and it appeared to be the last straw for Edith.  

But has she gone for good? Did Laura Carmichael just leave Downton Abbey? 

We know she’s inherited Michael’s publishing company, so she certainly has the money to support herself now without having to rely on her family.

But, social scandal or not, will the Crawley’s really leave Edith to bring up a member of their flesh and blood in disgrace? However much they rely on their rules and traditions, we can’t quite imagine Violet letting her go quite so easily…  


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV