Doctor Who: exclusive In the Forest of the Night poster revealed

Download designer Stuart Manning's latest stunning retro poster, plus every episode poster so far!

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who sees the world wake up to find the trees have moved back in overnight, leaving Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny (Samuel Anderson) trapped in London with their Year Eight Gifted and Talented Group. 


From writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce (the man who penned Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony), In the Forest of the Night makes reference to William Blake’s The Tyger and harks back to elements of that balmy evening in London’s Stratford stadium. 

“This episode is about as fairy tale as Doctor Who’s ever been and so I wanted to do something simple and direct built around the title,” Stuart told “I also drew slightly on a sideways connection with the musical into the woods, which got me thinking about old Broadway posters and a composition built like a theatre stage. It’s pretty much that with a touch of Brothers Grimm lurking around the edges… a bit like Doctor Who, really.

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