How to Get Away with Murder executive producer Shonda Rhimes introduces Annalise Keating

Viola Davis isn’t pulling any punches as Law School lecturer Annalise who you’ll be both of terrified of and empathize with, depending on which day you get her on…

Brand new series How to Get Away with Murder is thrusting viewers into the life of Law School lecturer Annalise Keating, a woman who thinks her students must have done something bad in life to end up in her class.


Not that that’s put them off. They all want to be on her team, and classes turn into an extended job interview to work with her on real cases.

Keating, played by Viola Davis (The Help), has a “fascinating” personal journey explains producer Shonda Rhimes, who also has Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy to her name.

“There’s a lot of fear, respect, but you start to discover her vulnerabilities, her flaws, her personal life.”

The more you learn, the more terrifying she’ll be. But you’ll feel empathy too, depending on the stage you’re up to with the character Rhimes teases. 


How to Get Away with Murder starts tonight at 10pm on Universal