Downton Abbey series five episode six preview and predictions: hair cuts, horses and family gold

A look ahead to the sixth episode of series five, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...

Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey saw fights, fall outs and potential new romances blossom.


Aunt Rosamund, up for a visit from London, guessed the truth about Marigold and asked if she could see her. But Edith’s trip to the farm with her aunt in tow proved too much for Margie, and Tim Drewe declared that Edith’s visits must stop. FOREVER.

Rosamund then decided to get Violet involved, who, unshaken by the news, put a plan in action to send the illegitimate child to a boarding school on the continent. 

Lady Rose met a nice young chap called Atticus Aldridge while she was visiting the Russians in York while Sarah Bunting decided it was time for her to leave the village. Her newest student Daisy didn’t take the news well, crossing the upstairs/downstairs boundary to tell Branson that he should stand up for his friend. But Branson let her go, telling the opinionated schoolteacher that he was glad he’d met her, and that was all.

Robert finally worked out why Simon Bricker was so keen to spend time with his wife when he arrived home early from a dinner to find them both in his bedroom late at night. A tussle ensued with both men wrestling around on the carpet – and Bricker caught the first train back to London with his coat tails between his legs. 

In other news, Violet tried to show how unsuitable Isobel and Lord Merton are for each other, but ended up proving the opposite, Blake formulated a plan to get Gillingham back with his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox and Mrs Patmore inherited a couple of hundred quid from an aunt and decided to invest it in property. 

But what’s going to happen next week? Spurious suggestions, anyone? 

Gosh. We thought we’d left all this racy behaviour behind – yet here the Dowager Countess is drinking (probably vodka) with her Russian Prince. In his bedroom, no less.

Sure, the bed covers haven’t been touched – and we can’t really imagine Violet giving in to her deep, dark desires – but there’s clearly something between the elderly pair. They are practically playing footsie. 

Last week Cora had a strange man in her bedroom, the week before Mary was on her sexy “sketching trip”. What has happened to this family’s morals?

All this modern behaviour has gone to Lady Mary’s head. Literally.

She’s barely hidden her well-thumbed copy of Marie Stopes – and she certainly hasn’t dealt with Gillingham’s wrath post-tustle – but she’s already on to something new. 

Introducing Mary’s new stylist. The Gok Wan of 1924, if you will – a celebrity hair technician here to transform Mary’s formal Victorian locks into a striking, sexy flapper-style do. We like. 

Gillingham wasn’t this crinkly-eyed when we last saw him, spitting at Lady Mary about how awful she was for having done the dirty with him before saying ‘I do.’ Now, though, he’s all smiles for his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox. 

Could Mary and Blake really have orchestrated renewed passion between him and his old flame? Nothing inspires romance like a spot of bloodthirsty fox-hunting, after all… 

She might have a fancy new look, but Mary’s not looking too happy up there on her high horse. Could it be that she’s changed her mind again and is regretting pushing Tony back together with his ex?

For all her modern new ways, the eldest Crawley sister seems stuck in her belief that when it comes to picking another husband, her only choices are Gillingham and Charles Blake. Someone introduce her to Tinder. There are more than two single men in Britain. This silliness has got to stop. 

Robert doesn’t seem to have gotten over finding a dressing gown-clad Bricker in his bedroom last week. And we’re not sure we blame him. It was an awful shock, though the blow must be softened somewhat by the confirmation that Bricker wasn’t after his wife’s brains after all…

Really, Lord G is dealing with it the only way he knows how: by turing up his nose and gazing disdainfully at his woman. Careful, though, Robert. You don’t want to go the same way as poor ol’ Shrimpie. Divorce could be catching, you know… 

What’s this strange expression Edith is pulling? There are no tears spilling over her lashes. The corners of her mouth are turned up ever so slightly. Is she… smiling?

It seems as though, tired of being at the Drewes’ mercy or bossed around by Rosamund and Violet, Edith has come up with her own plan. While everyone is messing around on horses, Lady Edith is going to steal Marigold, stuff a few handfuls of the family gold up her coat and run off to start a new life, “charming bastard” in tow. 

Looks like the police are still sniffing around Downton Abbey. Four visits from the force in the same number of episodes – that’s the stuff ruined repuations are made off. And doesn’t Carson know it. 

Eyes forward. If we ignore him for long enough, boys, he’ll just go away…


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV