Is Downton Abbey’s Sarah Bunting gone for good?

The politically outspoken schoolteacher has had her last invitation to the Abbey, but will she be making a return to the show in the future?

Won’t Robert be pleased…


Branson said bye bye Bunting this week as his potential love interest said farewell to the village and hopped in a cab headed for pastures new. 

It seems last week’s altercation over dinner, which saw Robert throw down his napkin in an incontrollable rage and storm out of dinner before Carson had even poured the desert wine, seemed to be the last straw when it came to Branson and Bunting’s tumultuous friendship.

“Have I finished us off before we really got started?” Bunting asked the former-chauffeur, before he replied: “You despise the family but I think you forget my wife was one of them, my child is one of them… Maybe we should call this a day, before one of us gets hurt.”

Quitting her job at the school and wishing Daisy good luck with her studies, Bunting decided to take up a job offer at a Grammar school in Preston. And therefore stop provoking the Crawleys. 

Saying goodbye to Branson, she said: “I’ve loved you, you know. I could have loved you more if you’d let me.” Before the pair shared a kiss in the rain (where all good kisses happen. Fact) and Bunting, somewhat reluctantly, got in her cab and left the village. 

But is it really the end for Branson’s fleeting friendship? 


Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV