Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss enjoy a Sherlock reunion in London

Moriarty and Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss meet on stage at Monday night's Attitude Magazine award ceremony

No one knows whether Moriarty will make a dramatic return in the new series of Sherlock, but actor Andrew Scott and Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss certainly enjoyed their glittering reunion on stage in London last night. 


Andrew Scott was in London accept the Style and Culture Award from gay lifestyle magazine Attitude. Who was on hand to present the award? None other than Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss. 

Scott recently starred in Pride, a British film about how a group of gay community travelled to support striking Welsh miners in 1984. Attitude congratulated Scott “following his star turn as sensitive Gethin in feel-good Brit-flick Pride, and for his on-point fashion choices on the red carpet.”

Earlier this year he told Radio Times how he dealt with his sexuality while at school. “I didn’t feel I was particularly different – everybody’s sexuality is burgeoning at that age – and I wasn’t bullied. But yes, I did find things I questioned, a definite unease. Disparaging things were said about homosexuality, absolutely. There was a biological, fear-based way of teaching sexuality,” he said.

However, he was tight-lipped about whether Moriarty would be returning to the new series of Sherlock: “Hard to say anything,” he said. “Let’s just say – um – that I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve given me to do.”


The night was a chance for fans to meet the actor as well. User @stephgallimore said how Scott “went a bit Moriarty” when they met. Who knows? Perhaps he’s not quite finished with Sherlock just yet…