Rebecca Front: I sent Peter Capaldi a “really sweary text” when he became the Doctor

And how did the new star of Doctor Who reply? "Please, we’re not swearing any more"

Youngsters may know Peter Capaldi as the man with the sonic screwdriver, travelling through space and time in the Tardis, but for most adults he’s just as well known as The Thick of It’s foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker. 


And while his language on-screen is now clean, that didn’t stop his old co-star Rebecca Front (who played Nicola Murray) embracing Malcolm’s swearing of old when she first heard he had been cast in Doctor Who. 

“I texted him – I sent him a really sweary text saying: ‘This is not f**king true? This cannot be true?’ she told at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. “And he just said, ‘Please, we’re not swearing any more.’

“He’s going to have to learn, although I’m not sure he does, actually, in real life. I think it’s just the Malcolm thing.”

So, now we’ve seen Peter in action in series eight, what does Front make of him in the role? 

“I just saw the first episode and I thought he was fantastic. I knew he would be because he’s a really, really good actor – you can see that. When you’re in a room acting with people you get a very strong sense of people’s strengths and weaknesses and Peter is astonishingly good. He’s just one of those people who blows you away when you’re acting so I knew he was going to be good.


“It was a very complex, grown up portrayal – I thought it was really interesting.”