The internet has a crush on Grantchester’s “hot vicar”

ITV's new period crime drama kicked off last night, but all anyone is taking about is James Norton's cheekbones...

ITV introduced new period drama Grantchester last night. The hour-long episode introduced the show’s quaint 1950s setting, a grisly crime to solve and a rather handsome vicar who had decided he was going to be the one to solve it. 


And from what we can tell, Grantchester was a hit. Though, most viewers weren’t that interested finding the murderer.

Instead, it appears that the internet has, erm, a little crush on Grantchester’s dishy vicar Sidney Chambers, played by James Norton…

For some people, Grantchester’s handsome vicar was enough to consider a change of pace…

While for others, blocking out their Monday nights for the next five weeks was a no-brainer.

Either way, it’s fair to say the internet is a little bit in love with James Norton. The man has even taken to Twitter himself to say thank you for all the positive feedback.

So, he’s polite too, eh?


Grantchester continues on Mondays at 9:00pm on ITV