Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie linked to BBC adaptation of John Le Carré’s The Night Manager

Six-part drama will be the first Carré adaptation by the BBC for almost thirty years

John Le Carré’s crime thriller The Night Manager is being turned into a six-part series for the BBC, it’s been announced today.


It’s been thirty years since a Carré novel was adapted for the BBC following A Perfect Spy in 1987. More recently Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy had a successful turn on the big screen.

The story of The Night Manager, published in 1993, follows the life of soldier turned hotel night auditor Jonathan Pine. A series of shadowy events leads to Pine turning to a life of crime in order to infiltrate the inner circle of a lethal and amoral gangster. It’s being described as a fusion of spy story and tale of organized crime “that’s both hugely exciting and frightening plausible”.

Actors Tom Hiddleston (Thor) and Hugh Laurie (House) are being linked to the project by the Hollywood Reporter, although the BBC declined to comment on casting rumours.

“It’s a fantastic coup to bring le Carré back to the BBC after almost 30 years. He is quite simply one of the greatest spy novelists of our time and it’s a real privilege to bring his work to a broad BBC One audience,” says BBC One Controller Ben Stephenson.


Details on when the series will air will follow.